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Updated on January 22, 2022

Covalent API

Covalent provides an API that allows you to pull detailed, granular, and historical blockchain data such as:

  • Token balances associated with a given address.
  • History of transfers associated with a particular NFT.
  • Metadata associated with a given NFT contract.

Using the API

The Covalent API documentation for Palm provides information on available API endpoints and lets users make requests directly from the browser.

You must sign up for an API key to use the Covalent API. The key must be passed as a query parameter with all requests using key=API_KEY.

To run queries against the Palm network, update the chain_id query parameter to point to the targeted Palm network environment. For example, to fetch all token balances (including NFTs) of a Palm address, make requests to the balances_v2 endpoint with chain_id as 11297108109 for Palm Mainnet and 11297108099 for Palm Testnet:{chain_id}/address/{address}/balances_v2/
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