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Updated on December 9, 2021

Develop for Palm

Palm is a fully EVM-compatible Ethereum side chain, which means that any standard EVM-compatible tools and workflows should work seamlessly on the Palm network.

Local development

Develop your dapp and test using standard Ethereum tools such as:

During development, you can connect to your local testing environment with your standard Ethereum tools just as you would if developing for Ethereum.

If you’re new to smart contract development, you can follow standard Ethereum tutorials such as Truffle’s Pet Shop Tutorial.

Connecting end users to the Palm network

When developing for Palm, you may need to get end users set up and connected to the Palm network. Because Palm is a relatively new network, it may not be supported out-of-the-box across all wallet providers.

To be able to transact on the Palm network, users may need to:

Palm provides an app that users can access to complete these onboarding tasks:

You can link directly to the Palm app to help your users onboard.

Deploying a dapp to Palm

Before you can deploy a dapp to Palm, you must get access to PALM in order to pay the transaction fees required for deployment.

You can deploy using Truffle Migrations or other typical Ethereum deployment processes.

Questions or feedback? You can discuss and obtain community support on Palm Discord.
For additional support, contact Palm on Palm website.