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Updated on September 8, 2022

Get PALM tokens

The PALM token is the native token for the ecosystem and is required to cover transaction (gas) costs on the network.

Use the request form

Users can request testnet or mainnet PALM by completing this form:

Use the bridge

The Palm bridge can be used to transfer tokens between the Palm network and Ethereum. When assets are transferred from Ethereum to the Palm network, the bridge will top up the depositor’s account with a small amount of PALM.

Palm provides the following environment-specific bridges:

See how to use the Palm Mainnet bridge.

Use the faucet

Palm partners have access to faucet APIs to top up accounts with PALM. These faucets are available across Palm network environments. For more information on getting access to these faucet APIs, please contact us.


Any questions? Drop them on our Discord

Questions or feedback? You can discuss and obtain community support on Palm Discord.
For additional support, contact Palm on Palm website.