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Updated on January 22, 2022

Connect to the Palm network

Use Infura to connect to the Palm network. Infura is a blockchain development suite that provides access to the Ethereum network over HTTPS and WebSockets. Although the Palm network is a separate network from Ethereum, your Infura account and project information is used to authenticate you on the Palm network.

You can also run a transaction node if you don’t want to use the Infura endpoints.

The instructions in this section allow you to connect to the target Palm network environment. You can connect to:

  • Palm Testnet: Palm’s testing environment. This is useful as a staging environment and for long-term testing. You can use the Palm Testnet bridge to transfer assets between Palm Testnet and the Ethereum Rinkeby testnet.
  • Palm Mainnet: Palm’s production environment. Contracts and accounts in this network hold real value. You can use the Palm Mainnet bridge to transfer assets between Palm Mainnet and Ethereum Mainnet.
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